Are Nigeria's Leaders Our Current Slave Masters?

Are Nigeria's Leaders Our Current Slave Masters?






Modern day slavery is when an individual is exploited by others or an individual exploiting others for personal or commercial gain.

Whether tricked, coerced, or forced, they lose their freedom. This includes but is not limited to human trafficking, forced labour and debt bondage.


Africa is suffering today not because of her colonial Masters but because political and indigenous modern day slave masters.

Nigeria is on it fast lane to the grave because of greedy political slave masters, a new form of enslavement takes root. Nigeria, a nation that gained independence decades ago, finds itself grappling with an insidious foe:

leaders who wield power as if it were a whip, subjecting their own people to a cycle of subjugation and manipulation.


This article hovers around these revealing questions of :

It further unveils the chilling reality of contemporary slave masters, the very leaders who were meant to guide the nation towards progress.




At the heart of any nation’s progress lies the trust its citizens place in their leaders. Yet, Nigeria’s recent history has been marred by a betrayal of this trust. Leaders who were meant to be the custodians of the nation’s welfare have, in many cases, turned into custodians of their own self-interest. As they ascend to positions of power, they seem to conveniently forget their duty to the people who put them there.

Instead of nurturing an environment of growth and empowerment, these leaders exploit their positions to perpetuate a cycle of oppression.

Consider the case of widespread corruption that stains the corridors of power.


Funds earmarked for public welfare projects vanish into the pockets of a select few, leaving communities without the basic amenities they so rightfully deserve.

The result? A populace becomes the victim who are left to fend for themselves, struggling against a system that was supposed to uplift them.





This instigate the question: who will bail the cat 🐈 out of the bag? Years fold into decades and gradually reaching a century of deception, each regime came with a promise to fix REFINERIES only to fix their pockets, the worst being the last eight years that transitioned into 2023 most rigged and evil election in the world which imposed EMILOKAN on Nigerians in the most ruthless way ever recorded in global history.




In the shadows cast by Nigeria’s towering skyscrapers and sprawling landscapes, a different kind of darkness festers; a darkness born from the systemic exploitation orchestrated by those who wield power. The 2015 and 2023 can to deepen the disparity between the haves and the have-nots widens, it becomes clear that the elusive dream of equal opportunity remains just that a dream.


Our Judiciary system became the most porous and decayed in the world. The economic chains that bind the masses are forged by leaders who seem to thrive on inequality. Resources that should rightfully nourish the nation’s growth are siphoned away, leaving fertile ground for poverty to take root. The majority of citizens find themselves trapped in a cycle of economic struggle, while a privileged few bask in the glow of prosperity they’ve artificially created.


And what of education, the beacon that guides nations towards enlightenment? Here too, the hands of leadership tighten their grip. Accessible education is held hostage by policies that seem determined to perpetuate ignorance. A nation’s potential, stunted at the hands of those who fear the empowerment of an educated populace.







In a land that once fought for liberation, the echoes of oppression resurface in a different form a suppression of freedom that stifles the voices of the very citizens it should protect.

Freedom of expression, a fundamental right, is muzzled as dissenting opinions are met with intimidation and censorship. A chilling effect descends, where the act of questioning becomes an act of rebellion.


The tactics employed by these contemporary slave masters mirror those of historical oppressors. Laws are twisted and enacted to silence critics, to shroud the truth in darkness.

Those brave enough to speak out against the regime often find themselves facing repercussions that echo a time when chains were used to restrain minds and bodies alike.

As citizens yearn to express their thoughts and exercise their rights, they are met with a climate of fear one perpetuated not by foreign invaders, but by their very own leaders.


The bondage of silence becomes a new form of enslavement, as the cries for justice and accountability are drowned out by the weight of oppression.







Power when wielded responsibly, can uplift nations and transform societies.

However, in the hands of those driven by greed and selfish ambition, power becomes a weapon that is wielded to abuse, oppress, and exploit.

The corridors of authority become breeding grounds for corruption, where leaders use their positions to amass personal wealth and privilege.


Funds meant for public projects are diverted into the coffers of the few, leaving the majority to contend with crumbling infrastructure and inadequate services. The abuse of power extends to favoritism, nepotism, and cronyism practices that reward loyalty over merit, perpetuating a culture of inequality.


Perhaps most distressing is the manner in which this abuse trickles down, affecting the most vulnerable among us. While the wealthy elite continue to thrive, the marginalized and disenfranchised are left to navigate a world of limited opportunities. The abuse of power creates a stark divide a divide between those who hold the reins and those who suffer the consequences.






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