Nigeria is rather an oxymoronic society than a place of sanity. We have Law enforcement agencies run after the so called " Yahoo boys" while they guard the NATIONAL YAHOO MEN

Nigeria is rather an oxymoronic society than a place of sanity. We have Law enforcement agencies run after the so called " Yahoo boys" while they guard the NATIONAL YAHOO MEN






Nigeria is rather an oxymoronic society than a place of sanity. We have Law enforcement agencies run after the so called ” Yahoo boys” while they guard the NATIONAL YAHOO MEN with guns, you have troop of soldiers and other security pins sacrificing themselves to fortify the NATIONAL LOOTERS. This is a tale of OUR NATIONAL YAHOO MEN vs yahoo boys,   you see university professors rigged elections for those who are notably known for swindling. A kind of ‘JUMBO SHRIMP’ 

Stay with me please, as we unmask more stories.

In our era, the term “Yahoo boys” has woven its way into our lexicon, bringing to mind the world of online fraud and scams. Wikipedia has a better definition of yahoo boys

Yet, as we navigate the convoluted landscape of Nigeria’s political sphere, it becomes evident that the parallels between these cyber tricksters and our nation’s politicians are more than coincidental.




Picture this: the “Yahoo boys” meticulously craft phishing emails and fabricate fake websites to deceive unsuspecting victims. On the other hand, our esteemed politicians paint vibrant visions of progress and development, promising the world while delivering far less. The art of making the implausible seem credible is a talent shared by both groups. So you see! We have the virtual yahoo and the national yahoo both boys and men. Better put, OUR NATIONAL YAHOO MEN vs yahoo boys.




Just as “Yahoo boys” adeptly impersonate others to gain trust, politicians masquerade as saviors of the people while surreptitiously feathering their own nests. Both wield the mask of authenticity, be it in the virtual realm or the political arena, to further their own interests.




The endgame for both “Yahoo men” species is simple: financial gain through dubious means. One group pockets hard-earned money from unsuspecting victims, while the other diverts funds meant for societal advancement into their personal coffers. The irony lies in the contrasting outcomes  “Yahoo boys” face the wrath of the law, yet some politicians seem untouched by the hand of justice.




As law enforcement tirelessly chases the ever-evolving tactics of “Yahoo boys,” Nigerian citizens find themselves embroiled in a ceaseless dance with politicians who offer band-aid solutions while sidestepping the root issues. The parallel is stark, highlighting a scenario where accountability remains a distant dream.




“Yahoo boys” thrive within intricate networks, sharing resources and knowledge for maximum impact. In an oddly similar manner, politicians spin webs of patronage and power, safeguarding their interests at the expense of the people.

This interconnectedness underscores the driving forces behind both worlds.




As “Yahoo boys” stay one step ahead of cybersecurity measures, our politicians embrace technology , not to usher in a new era of progress, but to amplify their self-serving narratives.

From flashy websites to orchestrated social media campaigns, the digital realm serves as a stage for their illusionary performances.




While this satire-laden exploration has cast a spotlight on the uncanny parallels between “Yahoo boys” and our nation’s politicians, it’s imperative to remember the profound impact of their actions on society.


The intention here is not to diminish the gravity of their deeds, but rather to unveil the surreal and perplexing nature of their endeavors.

As Nigeria grapples with the unrelenting tides of corruption and deceit, perhaps this whimsical comparison will inspire a deeper introspection into our current state of affairs.


I’ll leave you to answer this question; who’s more dangerous, is it the yahoo boys or our NATIONAL YAHOO MEN?


Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section, thank you.


4 thoughts on “OUR NATIONAL YAHOO MEN vs. yahoo boys ( Part1)

  1. I phlebotomise for my dear county Nigeria. Considering the Virulence of both personalities our NATIONAL YAHOO MEN are more dangerous because they are cellular unit in a system called a nation like ours, their selfishness and level of corruption affect the nation as a whole directly or indirectly

    1. This is a comment from a plenipotentiary Physician, i was smiling Medically when i went through your phlebotomized comment. It’s true YAHOO MEN EPIDEMIC is more virulence than those toddlers called Yahoo boys.

      These politicians are the cracks that is sinking this ship called ‘NIGERIA’ and AFRICA. thank you Dr. for sharing your thoughts with us

    1. Bitter truth it is. Our politicians in Nigeria are nothing different from the title of the post. It’s a sad situation that is worse than the era of colonial Masters. Thank you for your fearless comment.

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