It is crucial to find the root cause of Nigeria’s predicament and call it out by name. elections determine leadership, it determines who becomes the president, governors, etc and leadership determines the fate of any nation, it determines who lives and who will die during a given administration, leadership determines if there will be war, crisis, inflation, famine, economic demise, etc. leadership can go as far as determining the destinies of individual citizen in a given society. It is leadership that instigated civilization, education, digitalization, and even the evolution of Western supremacy and colonization. It is leadership that stamped Africa as a third-world continent. Everything good comes out of leadership. So, who becomes the president of a country matter because life also matters.



In the tapestry of Nigeria’s political history where every administration lipstick for true democracy, and good governance with accountability yet every administration leaves truckload of grief behind, the worst being the administration that oversaw the succession of an individual with a sense of entitlement. It is crucial to scrutinize the role of those who hold significant influence in shaping its political landscape. The very professors responsible for safeguarding the integrity of elections. The Nigeria academia under the auspices of ASUU (Academic staff union of Universities) currently supervised by Professor Emmanuel Osodeke.



This article unearths a clandestine dimension, revealing the portraits of Nigeria academics as a formidable foe, stealthily sabotaging the nation’s democratic aspirations, and shadowyly killing the destinies of the younger generations. ASUU actors are the root cause of Nigeria’s progressive demise.

In Nigeria’s context, university professors have often wielded the power to conduct, supervise, record, and ultimately announce election results. INEC(independent national electoral commission) has been constitutionally graced with the veto power to determine and declare who the next president is after every four years. Whoever the INEC umpire announces becomes final, except you challenge it in court. When court is mentioned in Nigeria, people lose faith because the judiciary system is plagued with deep-seated corruption. So, you see how strong the declaration by INEC is? Because there may never be a different outcome in court because the judges are caged in corruption.



Within the electoral process, university professors wield immense power, their affiliation to conduct elections was an assumption that professors are individuals with high levels of integrity, intelligence, independence, and non-partisanship to enhance the credibility and impartiality of the electoral body. They were expected to bring their deep analytical and research skills to improve the electoral process. Their academic background and reputation contributed to the perception that elections are being conducted by capable hands.


However, whoever compounded those assumptions of correctness towards made-in-Nigeria professors should be given a knock on the head. They have constantly proven that they are far from being the gatekeepers of knowledge as well as integrity. In Nigeria, as Chinua Achebe rightly said “things have really fallen apart” to the point that the rank of professorship can possibly be rigged.


We can begin to examine the extent to which these university professors have become the harbingers of democratic decay and the architects of Nigeria’s leadership crisis. The most appalling part is that a good number of them were and have always been VICE CHANCELLORS. This could never be imagined in any sane society that a vice chancellor of a university would alter or approve a mutilated result sheet and even go as far as announcing the fake result to the whole world. After the shameful election, shreds of evidence flooded the internet space, we saw results originally written in blue ink altered using black ink, and some were tippex and rewritten.


If academic leaders can manipulate results, one can only imagine the extent of their capabilities. The drawing board isn’t only centered on who the leaders are rather it is how these leaders got into power, how each one of them became the president, and governors. Senators, etc, how would they have been prevented from accessing power which holds the wealth of the nation? What was their point of penetration? Who created those holes? How can the subversiveness and perversion in the electoral process be prevented?


This article calls for a critical lens and an objective mindset. We must seek a profound understanding of the intricate web of forces that hinder Nigeria’s democratic progress and how the actions of university professors play a pivotal role in stifling the genuine voice of the people. Only through a fearless confrontation of these issues can we forge a path toward a future where competent and ethical leadership can flourish.






History was made on February 25th,2023 in Nigeria. The world could see that not only can a kingpin become a president but one man, a civilian outside the corridor of power, yet powerful, can single-handedly buy power, influence the incumbent president, rake the ruling party, bought nearly all the sitting governors, got the presidential ticket, bought the country’s independent electoral agency and all the electoral accessories and ran for the presidency. But the real power was not with him, it was with the crying actors of ASUU. It was an ample opportunity for these enlightened fellows to correct the vilest that has been bedeviling the country including their professional welfare.


The real power of the country’s democracy was shortly in the hands of the ASUU actors of the past election, the hope of the most populous Black Country in the world was left in the fabrics of these professors. They had the drawing boards each in their hands with constitutional rights to either make a new Nigeria or mar the future and hope of both the young and generations unborn.


Hopes were high, everyone wanted to participate in the voting process, and Nigerians in the Diaspora even returned home to cast their votes, determined to make a difference. There was so much preaching and assurances that the votes of the citizens will count because of the new electoral law that will enforce the electronic transmission of results in real-time. A lot of hopes were rekindled, youth in their millions troop out to vote, the aged and even the disabled were not left out, Nigerians in the largest number exercised their franchise, and the winner was evidently seen Subsequent events took an unexpected and perplexing turn, as the INEC’s actions seemed to undermine the will of the people.


According to reportedly, a number of university vice-chancellors and professors were allegedly involved in electoral misconduct during the last election. However, it is worthy to mention the four democratic heroes who stood their ground and refuse to mutilate election results. One professor, who deserves recognition for refusing to manipulate results, is Professor Nnenna Oti, the Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Science and Technology (FUTO)


Among those implicated in electoral manipulation were fifty university professors, including 34 vice-chancellors and deputy vice-chancellors from various universities across the country.

In every sphere- Nigeria academia should be a sanctuary of knowledge and integrity, their veneer of scholarly wisdom should have been one that unanimously works towards social progress, and the academic body ought to have been one of the strongest and the most fearless organization that speak against the unending vile in government


One would expect academia to be a beacon of democratic values, nurturing a society where competent leadership flourishes. However, beneath this façade of wisdom and enlightenment lies a disturbing reality: the academia’s involvement in the manipulation of electoral processes, which has contributed to the perpetuation of bad leadership and corruption in Nigeria.


Despite Nigeria’s vast resources and potential, the country has grappled with a history of mismanagement, nepotism, and systemic corruption from one administration to another. We witnessed the worst between 2015-2023.

How can we describe a situation where the same category of professional would suspend academic activities for non-payment of salaries and other entitlements, poor infrastructures, etc. yet they are always placed with a critical opportunity to effect the needed change in government because of greed, they have constantly sold the destinies of the whole country for a morsel of meat. Posterity must of necessity locate these greedy pigs and reward them accordingly.


Anyone would be right to call out these professors by name, most of them found themselves in elective positions and high political appointments. It saddens the heart to know that the immediate past senate president was an academician. Throughout his eight years, he has had zero antecedent of making laws or good policies that favours the educational sector, what was widely reported were cases of embezzlement and misuse of funds on a massive scale.


What is the conclusion of the whole matter?


In conclusion,

 considering the collective responsibility of academics under ASUU, it may be worth exploring measures, such as strong deterrents, to prevent any involvement in election manipulation in any way other than the will of the people. It shouldn’t have been an “organize crime” The punishment should have included sanctions including the withdrawal of the rank of professorship.


The ASUU chairman has not yet publicly addressed the election misconduct involving his fellow academics. However, he is still seen crying over the non-payment of entitlements. Nigerians should recognize that the real problem lies with certain professors, as they may have contributed to challenges in achieving good governance, and their actions may have implications for the country’s security and stability. They are the brain behind the mismanagement of public funds; they are the custodian of corrupt bags, so sad that they are in the hem of affairs for issuing qualifications that found people worthy in character.


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