Buhari the evil president of Nigeria  

In the land of Nigeria, a leader did arise

With promises of change,he won the people’s prize

But time has shown the truth, it’s hard to disguise

The failures of this leader, with each passing day’s surprise

With  iron fist

He brought the nation to its knees, its morale a mist

His policies and actions, only few can list

And the impact on the people, a never-ending twist

The economy is in shambles, the people in despair

Poverty and hunger, rampant everywhere

The cost of living, it’s beyond compare

And the masses suffer, with no one to repair

The security situation, it’s a complete mess

Terrorism, banditry, and kidnappings, a daily stress

The government’s response, it’s anyone’s guess

And the citizens are left, to live in distress

The promises of change, they are now a tale

A bad government, it’s the people’s travail

The hope for a better future, it’s now pale

And the nation’s fate, it’s now a wail

President Buhari, your leadership, it’s a failure

Your government, it’s a bad omen, a terrible gesture

The people of Nigeria, they deserve better

And until then, their pains will only grow greater.

copyright: unknown

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