I am a poet,

I read between the lines,

Even the lines written in your eyes.

I look into your eyes,

In your eyes, I behold your soul.

I search through your spirit even when your lips are silent.

I can hear the loud noise of your silence,

I can hear the battles going on inside.

From your freezing silence, your heart speaks to me,

And I receive the message in a silent clear voice

Because I’m a poet.


I am a poet,

Not the regular bird you see in the sky,

I flap my wings like the eagles.

From miles away, I can see every action.

I weigh the hidden moves on your face.

Trust me, I know the lion and the wolves.

Lest I judge a book by its cover,

My words are the balm,

The balm in Gilead that heals scars.

My words make whole the broken,

Because I was born a poet


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