Nigerian President Bola Tinubu has recently signed a supplementary budget worth $2.8 billion, which has stirred controversy due to its provisions. The budget includes funding for new bulletproof cars for both the President and his wife, alongside other allocations that have faced criticism amidst a backdrop of mounting cost-of-living challenges for the nation’s citizens.

This budget, endorsed by lawmakers on November 2nd, encompasses a range of expenditures, including resources for a presidential yacht, official vehicles for the First Lady’s office, and the renovation of the President’s residential quarters. Originally proposed by President Tinubu to address pressing concerns like defense and security, it has faced scrutiny for its apparent inclusion of luxury items and residential upgrades.

The presidential administration has justified the provision for the yacht, describing it as an operational naval vessel equipped with specialized security features. However, the focus has shifted towards these luxury expenditures, diverting attention from other essential allocations.

Critics argue that such spending is insensitive and unnecessary, especially given the financial hardships faced by ordinary Nigerians, who are grappling with rising inflation and economic challenges. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, is confronted with double-digit inflation, currency shortages, a devaluing currency, widespread insecurity, and crude oil theft.

Since taking office in May, President Tinubu has been urged by various unions to provide relief to households and workers, while he urges patience from Nigerians as reforms are implemented.




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