When fathers fail to be feathers, the future generations suffer, when fathers become monsters, children are been devoured and extinction sets in, when the older generation is so engulfed in greed, life becomes brutal. Africa is indeed the richest place on the surface of the earth, how it has become a slum can only be traced to greedy and monstrous leaders, for instance, a naturally endowed country like Nigeria still beg for bread to feed her kids. Our fathers have failed us, the younger generation had risen to seek their place in the land yet some privileged ancestral elders have sworn never to allow good things to reach the poor masses while they’re still alive.


Fathers like “it is my turn” have sworn to enslave the younger generations forever. Then I ask, is it not better to be colonized into slavery by foreigners than be enslaved by your supposed national fathers? Again I asked, is it not better to be killed by a foreigner than see your own countrymen butcher one another without pity. Again I ask, what is wrong with the black skin? Is it synonymous with the heart of the beast? Why has greed dug so deep into the fabric of our skin? Our fathers have failed us; the labor of our hero’s past is evidently rendered in vain by our national monsters.


This letter, I hope the chief judge of Nigeria would get to read these lines from the blood of innocent Nigerians whom his peers had slain in cool blood, I hope he would still have a place in his heart that is not totally dead.


It is no longer news that the last presidential elections which took place on the 25th of February were not just rigged, but it was done in the most disgraceful and shaming manner that mocked the intelligence of the most post populous black nation of the world.


 Before I remind you of the reasons why the notorious “aspiring leader with a sense of entitlement” shouldn’t be sworn in as Nigerian president, without doubt, most elections were rigged in the past but never was it done in a ridiculously unintelligent manner that even a primary school pupil would not dare to because what APC and the current system leader did in the February 25th election


The incident is recorded in the international black book of world wicked leaders, it was so glaring for a blind man to see, Result sheets were altered, figures were changed, some results written with blue ink were massively altered using black ink, shreds of evidence shows how “it is my turn”  instructing his boys to snatch, fight and destroy the election exercise flooded the internet afterward, it was clear that the “it is my turn” wants to rule Nigeria by fire and by force because it was his turn to rule. How this inheritable heritage was shared with “Mr. Aspiring leader with a sense of entitlement” remains a mystery to the entire country to date.


My dear  Chief Judge, let me take you down the road that leads to “it is my turn’s” reputation, perhaps, it’s a way you are very much familiar with. Let’s call it the seven red flags that will destroy Nigeria if  “ it is my turn” is sworn in as Nigeria’s president come May 29th.



  • “The aspiring leader with a sense of entitlement”  has so soiled reputations, A glimpse into certain actions has cast shadows on this individual’s reputation, raising doubts about his virtuous character. Will your conscience allow you to thread the soul of over 200million people for one criminal? You interpret laws and sentence guilty people to jail, why would you misinterpret the same law that should convict a criminal to one that bestows power to him?
  • Unverified academic background, he lied a lot about his credentials, yet another falsehood to his bag.
  • His age is unknown, it contradicts with one as at the time when he became the governor of Lagos state. Whispers about certain associations have stirred a tempest of doubt, casting shadows on the path ahead, begging us to ponder the consequences of certain choices.
  • Different perspectives emerged from the tempestuous storm of END SARS tragedy, leaving us to reflect on the impact and aftermath. The wind carries questions, urging us to tread wisely. What will become of the younger generation? Does your conscience critically consider what is coming? Can one set a coal of fire on his chest and expect his cloth not to be burnt? There are a lot of questions around this.


  • Whispers of untold origins encircle vast riches, while tales of the ‘jagaban of Lagos’ echo through the air. The enigma of abundance veils its core, he is so wealthy twice higher than Africa. Yet what is generating such massive wealth remains unknown.
  • Dementia and health complications. If not for the high depth of greed, he is far past the age of retirement, his health complications are a call for alarm, the work of the president is so demanding that one will not have to do half-time in the office, and more time in the hospital. A lot of national funds and attention will be diverted toward the health of the president instead of attending to national demands. Nigeria is almost at the edge of economic deadness; this is certainly not the time to employ a sick and mentally declining person into the presidential role.

It amazes me why we have to wait for more than two years, sometimes more before the tribunal will finish their cases, what is different from Kenya and other countries where things are done in order? Justice is far from Nigeria because the judiciary is at the beg and call of the commander in chief of corruption.


My dear Nigeria judiciary, with all the floating shreds of evidences indicting the corrupts reputation of “ IT IS MY TURN”. He was selected through bribery and corruption by INEC. Posterity pleads that “ HE” should not be sworn in as Nigeria president come May, 29.






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Wikipedia Puts Tinubu’s Age at 79 on Daughter’s Page After Multiple Edits (



  1. The problem with Nigeria is not the leaders, it is now the citizens who can not stand up for their right.
    Even though “it is my turn” was finally sworn in, they just watch as he destroy the country with senseless policies.

    Imagine how he simply removed subsidy without provision of alternative on how we are going to battle the unexpected sudden change, I remember how the country went dark when president Jonathan proposed the idea of removing subsidy.

    They almost ate him alive, even Soyinka the wisest of us all stepped out and protested against the idea but today “it is my turn” just wake up announcing it has been removed and nobody cough.

    The citizens are not well informed and cordinated on how to go about their rights. I believe you will use your pen to wake them up.

    1. Thank you for taking out time to engage on our website content. It is true that the citizens have a big role to play, however leadership still play a major role. Leadership comes with power and Money and these two are great weapons. I agree, your points are valid.

  2. If that man called Tinubu is sworn in, I bet we all in this country. That we will have no country call our own! Because our younger generations will now go into the drug business having known who they have as the President. How will 🇳🇬 be seen b4 the entire globe? 🇳🇬 will no longer be regarded as the “Giant of Africa”. The greed of the Elite in our Political 🌌 chooses Leaders for us and not we electing our own President. God Never Sleep. Come to talk of Judicial System I strongly doubt if we have any standing for the truth, our various Justices have become a slaves and errands Men and Woman b4 our Politicians who are supposed to be scared of them, but it never the case in 🇳🇬. God’s Hand is all that we need right now, b4 this Man is sworn in. Indeed TINUBU IS A RED FLAG.

    1. I took out a good time to go through your thoughts, you’re entirely correct, you have captured all there’s in summary. Our prayers is, God should intervene. Thank you Slim Danny.

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