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Rihanna, aged 35, and her rapper boyfriend have recently unveiled the name of their newborn son as “Riot Rose Mayers,” as per a birth certificate disclosed by The Blast on Thursday.

This name choice seems to continue a trend within their family, as their first son’s name, RZA Athelston Mayers, also began with the letter “R.”


This earlier moniker was a tribute to the legendary Wu-Tang rapper, RZA.

Though Rihanna and her New York rapper partner haven’t disclosed the specific inspiration behind their son’s name, it’s worth noting that ASAP Rocky released a track titled “Riot” earlier this year.

The baby’s birth certificate reveals that he was born at 7:41 am on August 1, reportedly at Cedar Sinai Hospital.


While fans had been speculating about Rihanna’s pregnancy due to her reduced social media activity and the Super Bowl halftime show reveal, the couple has kept other details under wraps for now.

Rihanna herself shared her perspective on starting a family in an interview with Vogue, saying, “I wouldn’t say we were planning to start a family  but certainly not planning against it.


“I don’t know when I ovulate or any of that type of s**t. We just had fun and then it was just there on the test.” She made her second pregnancy announcement during her Super Bowl halftime performance, showcasing her baby bump as she danced and sang.

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