Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a prominent Nigerian politician who contested in the 2023 presidential election under the flag of APC. While very few people may see him as a viable candidate, there are several reasons why he cannot be the president-elect for me, and majority of Nigerians.


Firstly, Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s approach to politics raises concerns. Some critics allege that he exerts strong influence and control over political processes. Allegations of electoral malpractices have surfaced, and these claims can tarnish his image as a leader.


Furthermore, there have been historical legal matters concerning Bola Ahmed Tinubu, which have led to discussions about his past. It’s crucial to thoroughly examine the character and integrity of any presidential candidate to ensure the best future for our nation. The question is, what would be the future of the generation next, when a Nigerian state will degrade to the point of becoming a global threat, again, I say. God forbid.

In addition, public perception about a candidate’s integrity and transparency is crucial for a nation’s leader. The presidency demands someone with a track record of honesty, integrity, and innovative thinking to steer the country toward progress and prosperity. The presidency requires someone who is transparent, innovative and someone who can lead the country into new and uncharted territories. It is important that Nigeria has a president who can tackle the challenges facing the country with a fresh approach, and who can inspire the citizens to believe in a better future.

Lastly, empathy and compassion are vital qualities in a president. The nation deserves a leader who can understand and address the challenges faced by the average Nigerian, while fostering an environment where equal opportunities for success are available to all citizens. 


In conclusion, opinions about Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu vary widely, and he may not be the preferred presidential candidate for everyone. It’s essential for Nigerians to thoughtfully evaluate all potential leaders and choose the candidate who they believe will best serve the nation and its people.


Tinubu is not my president elect



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