Exciting news for content creators and social media influencers in Nigeria! They’re now experiencing the fruits of their labor as X (formerly known as Twitter) initiates its ad revenue-sharing program.While the program initially kickstarted in the U.S. last month, X has expanded its scope, making the move global by the end of July. Verified users from Nigeria and various other countries who’ve met the content impressions threshold are now reaping the rewards of their efforts.


The delighted content creators haven’t held back in expressing their gratitude, with many taking to the microblogging platform to extend their thanks to Elon Musk, the mastermind behind X. They credit him with providing the motivation to stay active on the platform and continue curating engaging content.This landmark payout has sparked a shift in perspective for many. 


Those who once opted out of acquiring the coveted blue badge are now reconsidering, especially since consistent content creation leading to substantial impressions can pave the way for enticing monthly subscription options, priced at N3,560.




The euphoria is palpable as content creators share their heartfelt experiences with X’s newfound monetization system.




General Oluchi playfully teased Musk for his timely credit alert, while Abazz showcased his gratitude through a screenshot of his ad revenue dashboard. Solomon Buchi emphasized the joy of being rewarded for sharing opinions.











To be eligible for these payouts, aspiring participants must subscribe to Twitter Blue or hold verified organization status. Additionally, they must amass at least 5 million impressions on their posts each month for the past three months, along with passing human review for Creator Monetization Standards. A minimum of 500 followers is also required to qualify. Twitter has partnered with Stripe for the payouts, and creators who’ve already subscribed can look forward to these benefits.



Eligible individuals can conveniently join and initiate payments from within the Monetization section of the app. This feature is accessible through the side menu on iOS and Android, as well as the overflow menu on the web. By clicking “Join and set up payouts,” users will be directed to Stripe’s payment processor to establish an account for receiving their share. This Stripe account becomes the conduit for transferring funds to an external bank account. Once enrolled, regular payouts will occur, given that earnings surpass $50 USD.



It’s important to note that X retains the right to adjust or terminate the Program at its discretion, accounting for business, financial, or legal considerations.

Participation in the ads revenue share program is contingent upon adherence to the Ads Revenue Program Terms, as outlined by the company.



[Source: Nairametrics]

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