“Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike, Urges Imams to Stay Above Political Manipulation

Abuja – Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, has delivered a message of caution to Islamic leaders, urging them to remain vigilant against being exploited by desperate politicians seeking to destabilize Nigeria.

This statement came as Wike extended his assurance of justice for all during his tenure as minister, emphasizing his commitment to non-discrimination based on religion.

Wike conveyed this during his reception of the Committee of FCT Imams Initiative, led by Dr. Tajudeen Adigun, on Wednesday.

He pledged to advance the development of the federal capital in alignment with President Bola Tinubu’s mandate, highlighting his commitment to justice and inclusivity.

Wike stated, “I will ensure that justice is done to all at all times. As a government, we cannot work alone; we must partner with all relevant stakeholders. What is important is for us to move FCT forward.”

Recognizing the diverse population of the FCT, he reiterated his resolve to create a welcoming environment for all residents. “We didn’t come here with any intention to victimize any religion or individual. The President’s mandate is to ensure that Abuja realizes the dreams of its founding fathers.”

Wike cautioned religious leaders to be circumspect, urging them not to allow desperate politicians to manipulate them with misinformation. He emphasized the importance of seeking clarification rather than relying on political propaganda.

The Minister stressed that the era of politics was over, calling for unity and peace. He advised against divisive actions by politicians who aim to disrupt the country, noting that peace is a fundamental requirement for the practice of faith.

Wike also encouraged religious leaders to pray for the success of the newly elected President, as the well-being of the nation is dependent on his achievements. He concluded by underlining the importance of peace for the coexistence of all Nigerians.”

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