There are things that make life worth living; sadly, many people live life not knowing what they should stand for. Not knowing the essence of life is the primary cause of not placing value and priorities right. Ideally, as our faces are different, so are our priorities, but there are things that make us human, and it is what should form our basic relative standard. Imagine if one tribe or person doesn’t have value for life; that has a way of becoming a threat to others. There are the things we hold so dear that we’re willing to make the ultimate sacrifices. Let’s dive into these two lists below:




    The very first thing on the list is your assignment on earth. Your assignment is your purpose on earth, the very essence of why you are alive. Without it, your life is worth nothing but numbers counting aimlessly until it terminates. Discovering our life’s purpose is a journey filled with challenges and rewards. Sacrificing for this purpose means daring to dream big, pursuing a vision that resonates with our core. It involves stepping out of comfort zones, facing fears head-on, and persisting when the going gets tough.


    Consider the artist sacrificing financial stability to paint their dreams or the activist confronting adversity for a cause. These sacrifices aren’t just personal; they’re contributions to a shared purpose, leaving an imprint on the canvas of humanity. The moment you know your assignment on earth, life becomes more meaningful even when you are still in the process of becoming. Your purpose is what will shape every aspect of your being to bring out your core values.


    Your purpose comes first before anything else, and it is worth pursuing with every ounce of your being until you become it and live. So, I ask you today, what are you living for? Why are you living? If you haven’t been able to answer these questions sincerely, then you are yet to have your life properly defined and aligned.







      The next big thing that is worth every breath is and should be one’s family. There’s a usual saying that “family is everything.” When it comes to placing value on family, it becomes different strokes for different folks. Someone might be saying, “I don’t have a good family member; my family members are not good people, my family is this and that,” hold on a bit!


      Family is everything, and family can come from different spectrums. What is important is having a family. From a non-generic definition, ‘family’ simply means having folks that genuinely support and mean well for you, having people that will do everything to make you succeed; when you have this type of people in your life, they are family. And if you don’t have them, you need to consciously form it.


      Think about the late-night talks, the shared laughter, and the unspoken bonds that tie us together. Family is the heartbeat of our journey; they share in our joy and tears. Sacrificing for them is a commitment etched in love. It’s the parent working two jobs to put food on the table, the sibling putting dreams on hold to be there in times of need. The sacrifice for family isn’t a grand gesture; it’s the daily act of choosing love over self, making sure those we hold dear thrive even if it means setting our own aspirations aside.




      These two things are the things that carve out a life that screams authenticity. They shouldn’t be personal or specific to the author’s way of life. These are things that make any life worth living. Remember, when you chase one at the expense of the other, life becomes imbalanced. Each sacrifice isn’t a note in a grand symphony but a real, tangible part of our existence. In our next post, we’ll look at those things that are not worth dying for.


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