Home breaker or home wrecker might sound more familiar that much attention is given to it, but how about us getting into a conversation that goes beyond the ordinary, beyond the surface. We’re talking about something raw, something real, the “Purpose Wreckers” that can stealthily sneak into our lives, threatening the very essence of what makes our hearts beat with passion. The year has already started counting into the second staircase, if we are not purpose conscious, it might be just another come and gone calendar without tangible result to show the true essence of our being alive.

  1. The Paralysis of Fear

Alright, let’s talk about something that often operates in the shadows, silently but potently, the Paralysis of Fear. I have never been afraid of chasing my dreams and risking for it, but this isn’t the same curveball for everyone, we’ve got dreams, aspirations, a vision that sets your soul on fire. And then, Boom !! Fear creeps in, not just as a gentle whisper but as a thunderous roar, threatening to shatter the very foundation of your purpose.

Someone there might be asking, what fear or how do I identify fear? Here is it; I’m specifically referring to anything that convinces you that taking that leap, pursuing that passion, or chasing that dream is a one-way ticket to failure. That’s a good way to know the fear that paralyzes your potential, stifling the vibrant energy that propels you forward.

Did you get it? fear is a formidable opponent. But here’s the real deal, you can confront it head-on. When? I mean right now.

Please note that you ought to apply wisdom to avoid reckless abandonment of caution and applying your critical thinking but we are championing the cause of pushing through fear, breaking those shackles, and reclaiming the power that fear so often steals.

2. Toxic Relationships and Manipulation.

What’s next? let’s shine a spotlight on one of the purpose wreckers that can stealthily infiltrate our lives. Toxic Relationships and Manipulation. Nearly everyone might be a victim to this at one point in time, it applies more to those whose emotional gauge is so high that they most times drop their guard for the wrong ones. Imagine a scenario where the people around you, instead of lifting you up, subtly chip away at the foundation of your purpose. It’s not just about the occasional disagreement; it’s about the toxic relationships that can become a breeding ground for self-doubt and manipulation.

3. Existential Crisis Triggered by Unfulfilling Work

Can we face this truth? I think we should, majority of people spend a significant chunk of our lives working. But what happens when that work becomes a silent assassin, triggering an existential crisis that echoes in the core of your being? I’m not talking about the Monday to Friday blues, I’m specifically addressing impact of spending years in unfulfilling or purposeless work. It’s time to dissect the relationship between your work and your purpose, ensuring that each day contributes to you chasing and living a purpose-filled life.

4. Chronic Procrastination and Apathy

This is like a cobweb that has touch nearly everyone, the web of procrastination but when it becomes so chronic with apathy, then it becomes a danger and a threat, no part of procrastination is recommended, It’s more than just putting things off; it’s a purpose wrecker that can drain the color from your ambitions.

5. Dependence on External Validation

Do not mistake affirmation to Dependence on External Validation. Imagine that a lot of people allow their worth to be tied to the applause of others, your purpose dictated by the nods of approval. It’s a perilous path that can lead to a shaky foundation for your aspirations. Watch yourself worth and manage it consciously if you are found guilty of this.

6. Substance Abuse as a Coping Mechanism

We’re getting critical, isn’t it?  In the face of failure or disappointment or mishaps, many turn to Substance Abuse as a Coping Mechanism. When purpose wavers, some may turn to substances for solace. It’s not just about the immediate impact on health; it’s about the potential long-term consequences on your purpose and life journey. It can wreck both life and destiny, I urge you to embrace a shift towards healthier coping mechanisms that nurture rather than hinder your sense of purpose.

7. Distraction Overload

Ever feel like your attention is being pulled in a million directions, leaving you in a state of perpetual distraction? We’re talking about Distractions, a purpose wrecker that stealthily diverts your focus from what truly matters. You have to seek remedy or find practical strategies for managing and minimizing them, and carve a path that allows your attention to align with your purpose. It’s time to reclaim your focus and steer your ship toward the purposeful destination you deserve.


Awareness is our shield; action, our sword. I hope you break free, redefine, conquer, seek within, choose healthier paths, and rein in distractions. Stride forward, purpose realigned, authenticity embraced and set your journey to restore your purpose for a transformed life.

Just before we say goodbye, I want you to join the Conversation! Share your views in the comment section, I will be happy to interact with you.

Remember to stay safe and strong.

 My name is Edison, your host, see you next on the next read.


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