From the early echoes of my teenage years, I discovered my refuge in poetry, an art that became the thread stitching my existence. An ambitious soul with an insatiable passion for storytelling, I’ve weathered thorns to distill life’s essence into verses.

I’m not just a poet; I’m a seeker of universal truths. Through the written word, I aspire to be the voice that transcends personal ambition, addressing the global needs of our shared journey. Join me on a voyage where every penned line is an echo of resilience, a silent anthem for the profound.



My growing years was one without multiple fun, solitude became a familiar companion. I traversed a path strewn with internal battles, each one a hurdle on the journey to finding my authentic self. Loneliness was a constant, an echo in the chambers of my heart that only grew louder with time.

Through the tumultuous battles within, I sought a sanctuary, a path uniquely mine. True friendship, adorned with the loyalty I craved, remained elusive. The world seemed harsh, a place where the naive were often preyed upon, and trust was a currency exchanged with caution.

Questions echoed in my mind, challenging the beliefs bestowed upon us by culture and tradition. I became a relentless seeker, exploring the foundations of my convictions and unraveling the linen of inherited norms. The canvas of my personal story bears the brushstrokes of skepticism, painted with the hues of introspection and a quest for genuine connection.

Life, to me, is an ongoing journey of self-discovery, a quest to navigate the maze of existence, shedding layers of conditioning to reveal the raw authenticity within. In the echoes of my questions, I find the rhythm of my individuality, embracing the uncertainties as stepping stones towards a truth uniquely my own.



As an emerging writer, i embarked on my literary journey in my early teenage years. My heartfelt work confronts the injustices perpetrated by governing bodies and fervently advocates against violence targeting women, with a strong focus on social issues, including mental health and personal development.

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