The UNICEF Representative in Nigeria has called on both federal and state governments to strengthen their judicial systems to ensure the effective prosecution of bandits for their crimes in the court of law.


Speaking to reporters in Maiduguri ahead of World Humanitarian Day, Cristian Munduate, the UNICEF Representative in Nigeria, expressed concern over the lack of proper prosecution and penalties for the various crimes committed by bandits against innocent individuals.


Munduate expressed his apprehension regarding the lack of legal action taken against bandits, despite their involvement in heinous acts such as assaulting, killing, abducting, and raping children and women. He emphasized the need for the application of appropriate legal measures to bring these criminals to justice and ensure they face rightful consequences for their actions

1 thought on “UNICEF Reports Lack of Accountability for Bandits’ Crimes Against Humanity.

  1. Can Nigerian legal system ever do the right thing?

    Truth is a good number of Nigeria’s have lost hope and confidence in Nigerian system.
    It’s really a great alarming situation.

    Nigerian problem is our leaders.

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