emotional journey

emotional journey

Many times I’ve been globetrotting,
Flying alone with my emotions into the blue.
I closed my eyes,
Found myself in someone’s arms,
Walking down the aisles, having you in my hands,
With a smile more curative than all medications.
Seeing myself by the dancing blue sea,
In that chilly, blowing wind,
Begging you, please don’t go.

Many times I’ve been on a voyage,
Junketing around the moon,
Or just sitting there and watching my tears dripping,
Wondering if you will ever come around.
I can only keep my secluded heart waiting,
For I live in my umbra all day,
Every day, begging the wind,
Please don’t go.

Many times I’ve been on my wings,
To a place farther than the sky,
For down here, I found no solace,
Not a tender hand to wipe off my tears,
Or a soothing voice to swallow my fears.
Maybe I’ll find rest in the galaxy of stars,
Without waking to see you go.

© Michael Edison
21:24 pm

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